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Helping students June 15, 2017
We intuitively know that we are doing good work in financial aid.

Looking forward to the NASFAA Conference June 15, 2017
The great thing about summer besides the warmer temperatures is all the fun events that occur during these months – vacations, holidays, and conferences.

Matching student recruitment, enrollment and retention issues to college access and success programs June 15, 2017
Recruitment, enrollment, and retention are big issues these days.

Third-party servicer contract reminder June 15, 2017
On May 16, Mapping Your Future released the third-party servicer contract for schools using Mapping your Future services.

Helping your students be aware of interest rates on student loans June 14, 2017
Students seeking a college education may perceive that interest rates are just a small part of financing an education.

Understanding award letters, student loans June 01, 2017
Award letters from financial aid offices include several different pieces of information and can be unique to the school.

June tasks for high school seniors June 01, 2017
During your senior year, you finalized your college choice.

Online Counseling records provide valuable information June 01, 2017
The purpose of student loan counseling requirements is two-fold: to educate borrowers and to receive updated contact information for the borrower.

Starting to prepare for the fall semester June 01, 2017
Now that May is over, it's time to think about the fall semester.

Tips to encourage students to complete the FAFSA June 01, 2017
Students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are more likely to enroll and graduate in college, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Mapping Your Future newsletter update May 31, 2017
Mapping Your Future welcomes its E-Update subscribers to the Higher Ed E-News!