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August tasks for high school seniors August 01, 2017
Starting your senior year is an exciting time.

2018-19 FAFSA training available for financial aid professionals and others helping students and parents complete the FAFSA July 25, 2017
More changes are coming to the FAFSA – maybe not as dramatic as last year with the change to prior-prior year and the early FAFSA – but important changes nonetheless.

Preparing for the 2018-19 verification season July 27, 2017
Dependent students who don't file a tax return may not ever realize it, but they have received a lucky break when it comes to financial aid verification.

Mapping Your Future's Private Loan counseling educates students July 27, 2017
Conversations with students and parents underscore the need for students to be aware of the difference between federal student loans and private loans.

More than customer service in name only, it's part of our mission July 27, 2017
Whether it is answering an e-mail or taking a call on the 800 number, we know that customer service is critical to helping fulfill our mission.