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Survival words (glossary of terms)

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The following terms are important to know when planning for high school!

Class Rank: A rating which compares your cumulative grade point average to other members of your class. Class rank is often used as a basis for college admission and scholarship determination.

Elective: A course that is not required but which you may choose to enroll in

Graduation Requirements: Established by your local school

Prerequisite: A course which must be taken before you enroll in another related course (Example: French 1 is a prerequisite for French 2.)

Required Elective: A course you may select to meet a graduation requirement (Example: You may choose to enroll in College Prep English or Business English to meet an English requirement.)

Unit of Credit: Granted upon successful completion of a 36-week (2-semester) course, which meets at least 7,830 minutes a year. Half- and quarter-units of credit may be earned for courses meeting proportionately fewer minutes.