Mapping Your Future: Learning more about Financial Solutions, a consumer financial wellness product

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Learning more about Financial Solutions, a consumer financial wellness product

By Catherine Mueller

July 12, 2018

A one-size approach to financial literacy doesn't fit all. Whether your target audience is students, parents, employees, or members of the community, a program that can be designed to meet the needs of multiple audiences can be an efficient way to enhance the personal financial skills of your institution's various audiences.

Mapping Your Future Financial Solutions, powered by Money Management International, is designed to help any organization address the financial needs of any audience. Through one-on-one counseling and a variety of online tools and resources, Mapping Your Future Financial Solutions assists users in overcoming current financial issues and preventing future setbacks.

Recognizing that not all consumer groups are the same, Mapping Your Future Financial Solutions features extensive flexibility and customization, allowing organizations to meet the specific financial education needs of their audience.

The program includes access to one-on-one financial counseling, mobile-friendly online educational courses, webinars, an enormous library of personal finance articles, videos, calculators, and quizzes, dedicated partner support, and comprehensive usage reports.

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