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Get ready for your interview

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A job interview can make even the most self-confident person nervous. Preparation is the key to help ease pre-interview jitters.


  1. Make sure you understand your own accomplishments. If you were asked to talk about yourself or what you've done, what would you say?  Have a standard introduction about yourself ready and keep it brief!
  2. Research the company interviewing you. Many companies have a website with valuable information. Make sure you have an understanding of what the company does and think of a few questions to ask them. This will help demonstrate your interest in the position and help showcase your research skills.
  3. Be prepared to answer the question: "Why do you want to work here?" and or “Why are you interested in this position?” Doing this can give you an opportunity to decide if the job is right for you. Ask yourself: does the job fit with your career plan?
  4. Think of some questions you may be asked in the interview and have some well-thought-out answers. With this in mind, be ready for some curve balls — an interviewer may ask you some unexpected questions.
  5. Don't schedule other appointments too close to your interview time. You don't want to be late, and you don't want to rush out of the interview to your next appointment.